Hey, welcome to my site

I’m Assya.

When I started Green High Five back in 2015, I wanted to create a site where I shared articles on Green Living, grow it and eventually create a product and become a rich blogger.

Articles from this era are still up, and you are welcome to check them out. Here’s a long guide on Eco-Friendly Laundry, going “No Poo” (still not using shampoo over +2 years later) and on doing a buy nothing new challenge. If you’re super hardcore, why don’t you check out my post on dumpster diving.

But, thanks to reading and reflection, things changed and what I wanted to accomplish with this blog changed as well. Green living is fine (and getting rich is fine too) but both are no longer the focus of my blog (or life).

I’m now completing a graduate degree. I’m now going to be writing on politics and other random things that interest me. A bit unusual. . .or is it a bit awesome?

This website has no ads, no popups, but I might put in some affiliate links for things that I’d actually buy (or have bought). If that’s not ok, just search for the thing you were going to buy from my page in Amazon seperatly. Or better yet don’t buy it. You rock!

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