5 Great Sites Where to Sell Used Clothes (and Buy some Too!)

You open your wardrobe. It’s bursting with clothes. Too many clothes – but nothing to wear.

No matter how familiar this cliche might be, it is so true. What happens next? Shopping for new clothes, and throwing away the rest. This cycle costs average American over $1700 a year. The average Canadian household spends over $3400. Especially at a time of economic downturn, this expense isn’t exactly loose change.

But that’s why we have PoshMark.

In comes PoshMark. PoshMark, and websites like it, are where you sell used old clothes for some extra bucks and buy awesome and well priced new-to-you pieces for your wardrobe. Clothing on these websites typically sell at discounts of 30-80% off retail. Win!

But don’t stop at PoshMark. Check out these other secondhand buy/sell websites:

  1. (UPDATE: Twice has now shut down. SO SAD. My favorite secondhand clothing website!) Twice: Twice is a preowned clothing fan favorite. Sellers ship their clothing to Twice’s physical location. Twice checks the clothes out and if all is well, it pays for what you’ve sent in upfront, or else returns the clothes back. The clothes are then professionally measured, photographed and placed for sale on their website. You can get everything from popular trendy brands like J. Crew to high-end brands like Tina Turk.jcrew
  2. Tradesy: Tradesy is like an online consignment store. The seller submits pictures of the secondhand clothing they’d like to sell, and Tradesy photoshops the image to make it nice and ready to post on the Tradesy website. The seller names the price, and upon sale, Tradesy sets the seller up with shipping packages and labels, and handles any returns on the seller’s behalf. In exchange, Tradesy’s takes a 9% commission. It boasts a great selection of quality brands like BCBG and Anthropologie.tradesy
  3. Poshmark: Poshmark users post their items directly to the site. When an item is purchased, Poshmark sets the seller up with a pre-made shipping label, and handles any returns and customer support. In return, Poshmark takes a 20% commission for sales over $15. For buyers, they also offer useful add-ons, like the option to have their purchases verified for quality and authenticity. Poshmark is very mobile-friendly and has tons of great deals, and as such there are lots of sites like Poshmark popping up.poshmark
  4. Ebay: Good old Ebay boasts a huge selection of secondhand clothing for the taking. It is definitely not specialized in that area, so it is not as user-friendly as the other sites mentioned here. However, I’ve definitely found some great stuff off Ebay, especially in terms of work clothes. Just type in what you are looking for in the search bar, scroll down to “Condition” and select “Pre-owned” (like in the image below). You can narrow your results according to a few criteria, such as color, brand, size, material and more!go green
  5. VarageSale: VarageSale is a new mobile app company which is trying to make peer-to-peer buy and sell better and faster. It’s great for those of us trying to cloth ourselves sustainably as well! They split up clothing according to the wearer (women, children, men, etc.), and then further split it up according to size. This makes it easier to find what you want. There is also a search function adds even more user-friendliness. What I like most about VarageSale is that they super-localize buying and selling. Unlike Craigslist or Kijiji, you know that you won’t be driving/walking too far to get your item.VarageSale

With so many great options, there almost is no excuse to start incorporating secondhand and therefore more environmentally-friendly clothing into your wardrobe. For your next purchase, consider doing a quick search in one of the above websites before heading to the mall. Who knows, your new favorite sustainability-related activity may become secondhand clothes shopping!


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