Buy Nothing New Course

After my father died, I had to clean out his apartment. This experience changed my for life. I decided that there was a better way of consuming. Went 200 days without buying anything new, and I learned so much in the process. I made this free course to teach others how to do it.

Want to discover an alternative way of consuming?

Tired of expensive “green” products?

Think there is a better way?

There is. Take the course 🙂

You can live greener without spending lots of money and worrying the honesty of so-called eco-friendly brands. The alternative is buying secondhand goods instead of new ones.

Secondhand goods require no addition energy, water or materials as they already exist. The are an almost zero-carbon purchase – plus, you prevent an item from entering the waste stream.

Challenge yourself to go 10, 30 or 200 days by just living off secondhand goods.


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