The Evolutionary Reason Why You Should Be a Minimalist

One of my favorite anecdotes ever is from a book on alternative economies called Sacred Economics. The book describes a situation where the missionary-turned-linguist Charles L. Everett was studying an Amazonian hunter-gatherer group called the Pirahã. The linguist noticed that when a Pirahã hunter returned with a large kill, he would throw a big feast.Read more

How Downsizing Towards a Minimalist Wardrobe Led Me to Love It 100% Again


This month’s mini-challenge for 200 days of nothing new is adopting a minimalist, or more minimalist, lifestyle, including a more minimalist wardrobe. You want to be coming out of this month with less things, more organization and a lighter state of being. I decided to follow the KonMari method for downsizing. This post is aboutRead more