Free: Learn How To Do Your Own Buy Nothing New Challenge! is all about personal sustainability and the awesome people who want to change for the better.

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Free: Learn How To Do Your Own Buy Nothing New Challenge!

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In this free email course you’ll receive 7 emails over a two-week period which will guide you through the process of doing your own Buy Nothing New challenge

Get tips and tricks on what you can and cannot buy new, where to find the stuff you need and how to get the most out of your experience

Save money, save time and save the environment

The earth is calling for you to act. Will you answer?


What is all about?

GreenHighFive is about bringing like-minded sustainability champions and to-be champions together in order change our communities for the better.

Community focuses on personal sustainability through weekly articles, also exploring green tech, eco-products and global outlooks.

GreenHighFive’s goal is to work towards a livable planet for this and all future generations.